Quality futsal balls without the big brand price

Our Inspiration

After a decade of running our own Brisbane based futsal club we understand your frustrations in trying to find a regular supplier of quality futsal balls at affordable prices. We all know it – Big brand balls come with big brand price tags. More often than not these big brand balls don’t meet expectations OR are simply too expensive considering how many balls we go through each year.

We are proud to offer Australian futsal clubs a more affordable option without sacrificing quality.

We’ve spent the last few years scoping manufacturers and it’s been a tough journey but we finally found a range of balls we can proudly supply to other Australian futsal clubs. We had our disappointments – balls with burst stitching, poor outer layer quality, poor air retention. You know what we mean – those balls that just can’t take the wear and tear of regular use.

The lack of affordable options was the inspiration to create our own line of quality futsal balls without the big brand price tag.

We understand that futsal clubs demand nothing but the best quality for their players. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our balls you will receive a full refund – that’s our $100 money back guarantee.

Our Futsal Balls

The ‘Classic’ hand-stitched training ball. Attractive design with a high sheen finish. Tested to ensure durability under training conditions. 32 stitched panels, synthetic PU outer layer, latex rubber bladder, polyester fibre filling. $18.00

Size 3: weight 350-380g, circumference 55cm-59cm, rebound 55-70cm Size 4: weight 410-430g, circumference 62cm-64cm, rebound 60-75 cm

Hybrid hand stitched match ball. Sleek, high sheen outer layer, high quality PU leather, tested for match conditions. 32 panels, butyl bladder with polyester filling for low bounce. Available in both size 3 and size 4.

SOLD OUT. Back in stock soon ….

Using the latest thermobond technology our top of the line ‘Thermo’ delivers perfect roundness, excellent air retention and consistent roll and bounce. Its robust design means it’s one of the most durable balls available. The textured outer layer enhances ball control and first touch. $29.00

Size 4: weight 400-450g, circumference 62-64cm, rebound 50-65cm. PU synthetic leather, 32 panels, Reinforced butyl bladder with polyester fibre filling for low bounce.


“The feel, the weight, the durability are all outstanding on this ball. We ordered over 40 balls for our elite tournament.”

Zach Rocha, Northeast Futsal Association

“Joey Sports have been terrific to deal with. From the first discussion everything was smooth, the balls were delivered in a timely fashion, and they have been used for training ever since and have stood up to wooden, astro-turf and bitumen surfaces very well”.

Greg Farrell, Director of Coaching

“We’ve been using the Joey Sports futsal balls for our representative team training sessions and I’m extremely happy with their performance and durability.  I highly recommended these balls to clubs looking for reliable, hard-wearing futsal balls.

Mark Siebuhr, SEQFPL Coach

At Wagga Futsal we decided to make the change to Joey Sports futsal balls for our 2019-2020 competitions after using them for training sessions and we were really pleased with durability, performance and shape. Wagga Futsal highly recommends these futsal balls to clubs looking for reliable, hard-wearing futsal balls produced by an Australian company.

Sam Gray, Wagga Futsal Club